Wonder Woman

Hello Everyone,

I am feeling a little better today–so I will try to lighten the mood of my posts.  But I still am feeling down so I thought that I would see if we could get some support for a new Wonder Woman movie–not just animated but a live action one.  I miss Wonder Woman.  And outside of the comic world–I fear that she is being forgotten.  So I am polling my now three confirmed readers–Do you want to see a Wonder Woman movie?  I would like little girls know all over the world that there is a strong female super hero.  Don’t get me wrong–I love Superman (I really do!  I have a Superman complex) but I did know Wonder Woman existed until I was 10.  So I want little girls to find out about her a lot sooner than that!  So we need to revive the Wonder Woman story!  Are you with me?

Here is the DC Comics Wonder Woman site:  http://www.dccomics.com/sites/wonderwoman/.

So let me know–I am sure we can start some fan support.  I would just love to write a Wonder Woman comics series.  I wonder how I get that job!

Rock on Athena!


Time Travel

I was thinking about Quantum Leap this morning.  Quantum Leap is one of the best tv shows that was ever created.  And I was thinking of the famous intro, “to put back what once went wrong.”  And that line reminded me a decision that has been going over and over in my mind.  If I could go back to myself when I was 16 years old and let her know what the future was going to be like–would I tell her to keep fighting?  Or would I tell her the truth.  Would I tell her that each day would be a fight to survive.  Would I tell her that she would not have any romantic relationships at all.  Would I tell her that the one man who was in love with her, could not declare his love because I did not meet his physical ideal of perfection.  Would I tell her that by standing up for herself, she would loose her family and have to survive on her own.  Would I give myself this knowledge of the future to allow myself more informed decision making?  Or would I allow the same thing to happen twice?  In Quantum Leap, Sam tried to change the future for his brother who was going to die in Vietnam.  He was not able to save his brothers life; he still died. 

So would I tell myself about the future?  I don’t know.



Good afternoon all!  As of now, I only have two confirmed readers of my blog.  As a result I am feeling a little down, and so I thought it would be nice to talk about a powerful woman.

I was just thinking about female power.  And in thinking about female power I always come back to a goddess.  So I decided to share with you something that I learned in Art History class no less.  We were studying the chapter on Greek art and we were in the section discussing the Parthenon.  I was confused because I did not understand why Athena had so many names.  She was Athena Nike, Athena Parthenos…and the list goes on.  When I asked for the answer to this riddle, my teacher responded that Nike was an individual goddess–she is the goddess of victory.  When Nike was with Athena, Athena Nike, Athena had all of her individual qualities as well as victory.  Now the goddess name is pronounced differently than the modern shoe company that takes her name.  Yes, my friends, Nike our modern shoe company take it’s name from a goddess.  The goddess of victory.  How cool is that?!!! 

Now the next time you see a big tough guy in Nike gear try not to snicker.  Just smile and remember that he is wearing the name of a goddess.  I will try to dig up some photos for you later.  After all pictures are worth a thousand words. 

Athena (Nike) Bryant

Emily Bronte

           I am currently reading Wuthering Heights.   I love this book, but I love the mystery of the author even more.  Emily only wrote one novel during her lifetime.  She died at the age of 30.  I at 31 have already lived longer than she did.   Her sisters, Charlotte and Anne, were also writers.  But while Emily only achieved one published novel in her career, her sister Anne achieved two published novels and Charlotte was able to publish four completed novels.  To add insult to injury, after Wuthering Heights was published the work was attributed to Charlotte.  Charlotte of course denied the authorship, but it was difficult to change the public’s mind.  After all, remember that all of these women did not use their real names—they were writing under nom de plumes.  I was always put off by this need to hide.  As a modern and feminist woman, I have never felt a need to hide my femininity.  But as I grew older and I realized that I was never going to be a woman that a man would fall in love with.  I watched as my peers all started dating, and I was left out.  I was too much of a sinner in my church and too much of a holy roller for my peers.  I wonder if Emily was also this way.  Stuck between not being able to get along with her peers, and unable to find a place in this world—so she made a world that she could live in.  Maybe Emily created this world through her writing. 

            Each time I read Wuthering Heights, I am struck by how private the world of this novel seems.  After all the narrative only takes place between two houses.  The third aspect of the narrative is the Yorkshire moors.  All of the characters are isolated in this world.  Only two characters actually escape the moors and see the outside world.  Cathy’s father and Heathcliff both come from the “outside” or have contact with the outside world.  Cathy is never on the outside of the rivalry of the two homes that decide the course of her life.  Every time that I read this novel I am still shocked about how unable Cathy is unable to remove herself from the forces that tie her to the moors and the two houses that she moves between. 

            So here I am reading this novel again…attempting to understand the author whose mysteries I will never understand.  The edition of Wuthering Heights that I am reading is the Norton Critical Edition.  The reason why I picked this edition is not only for the extra notes and essays that are also included, but also for the picture on the front of the book. The picture is actually a pathway that Emily walked from her home to the moors.  Her feet touched this path.  What thoughts were in her head?  Was she lonely?  Did she regret the decisions that she made?  Did she know that she was going to die soon?  How badly did she miss her sisters and her mother who had died?  How badly did her heart break for her bother that was consumed by drug addiction?   Where did Cathy come from?  I hope to answer all of these questions when I read the novel again.  And I promise to let you know.

Here is the picture that is on the front of my book:


Here is the Yorkshire moors: