Bon Jovi The Circle

So today I am going to examine the pleasure of being at a rock concert to listen to music that is a huge part of your life.  But before I tell you about the concert I want to describe what I hope to accomplish in this blog.  This blog will be all things about pop culture.  My pop culture influences from the last 31 years but also the pop culture throughout history as well.  I am a student of literature and history, so I am always interested in seeing what has influenced a writer, an artist, or an individual.  I have an undergraduate degree in English Literature and I am currently planning to continue my education at the PhD Level.  But until I am accepted into a program I am going to channel my never-ending curiosity into these messages to you.  I hope that you enjoy my research into the varied pieces of history that catch my interest.          

            The Circle Tour Bon Jovi

The Circle is Bon Jovi’s eleventh album and was released in 2009.  I have been a huge fan of Bon Jovi from the moment that I heard Livin’ On A Prayer in 1988.  When I was nine, I did not really understand the words, but I loved the music and the vocal effects through the track.   I did not really know what to expect in the new album, but I really purchased the special edition CD to get the documentary film, “When We Were Beautiful.”  The documentary was to mark Bon Jovi’s 25 years as a band and to also celebrate their music.  I loved the black and white film—the deep contrasts between light and dark.  I also loved how honest the band members were regarding how they have coped with both their individual lives and life in a huge rock band. 

I knew that with a new album would come a new tour.  I have never had the pleasure to see Bon Jovi live, and I decided that it was time for me to take the plunge.  So I then made an unusual decision.  I have never done this before, but I decided to wait to listen to The Circle until after I attended the concert.   I wanted to have Bon Jovi seduce me into loving their new songs.  I was a fan and I knew that I would love this concert no matter what…but after listening to Always a billion times in one year on the radio…they had to redeem themselves. 

Bon Jovi did more to redeem their power ballad excess in Denver on March 8, 2010.  They proved once again that true rock n roll is a passion that is supposed to be shared with the amps cranked to 11. 

All the hits were played including the new singles from The Circle.  What I found amazing was the care that Jon Bon Jovi used when singing his songs.  You could tell that he felt and wanted to share every emotion that he was writing about.  Jon’s passion to find the true emotion of the songwriter was clearly evident in his interpretation of Hallelujah.  Mr. Leonard Cohen has stated that Bon Jovi’s cover is his favorite.   When you are in the same room when Jon is singing this song it is as if there is no other singers in the entire world.  I am not being dramatic.  This is Jon Bon Jovi’s torch song.  He puts every fiber of his being into this song, and it is a very emotional moment in the concert. 

The set list ended with a new song from The Circle called Love’s the Only Rule.  Now you have to remember that I had never heard this song before that night.  But what brought me to tears was how Jon introduced his new song to his audience.  His words cut me to my core; in fact I was so emotional that I had to sit down.  It was if, once again, Jon, Richie Sambora, and Billy Falcon described exactly what I was feeling everyday for the past two years.  The message of the song is to always choose love over fear—no matter what. 
This new powerful song was the closing number in the set.  And then I really started to freak out!  HOW COULD THEY NOT PLAY PRAYER??!! But they came back for their encore and finished their concert with Livin’ on a Prayer.  It was the perfect end to an emotional evening.  I was seduced and I have now listed to The Circle back to front.  Of all their new songs, I think that Loves the Only Rule will become a new staple of their ever-growing song catalog.  Bon Jovi is an important rock band for the modern age because they care about their music.  Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora are the main songwriters in Bon Jovi.  Again proving that writing your own music is essential and necessary for musicians to do.  American Idol is creating a dangerous trend of high paid karaoke singers.  But my hope is that eventually all those kids from American Idol will learn an important lesson—Never allow anyone to take away your voice. 

Long story short—see Bon Jovi live.  And if you are not familiar with Bon Jovi’s rock anthems, invest in some downloads.  “You live for the fight when that is all that you’ve got.”


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