Good afternoon all!  As of now, I only have two confirmed readers of my blog.  As a result I am feeling a little down, and so I thought it would be nice to talk about a powerful woman.

I was just thinking about female power.  And in thinking about female power I always come back to a goddess.  So I decided to share with you something that I learned in Art History class no less.  We were studying the chapter on Greek art and we were in the section discussing the Parthenon.  I was confused because I did not understand why Athena had so many names.  She was Athena Nike, Athena Parthenos…and the list goes on.  When I asked for the answer to this riddle, my teacher responded that Nike was an individual goddess–she is the goddess of victory.  When Nike was with Athena, Athena Nike, Athena had all of her individual qualities as well as victory.  Now the goddess name is pronounced differently than the modern shoe company that takes her name.  Yes, my friends, Nike our modern shoe company take it’s name from a goddess.  The goddess of victory.  How cool is that?!!! 

Now the next time you see a big tough guy in Nike gear try not to snicker.  Just smile and remember that he is wearing the name of a goddess.  I will try to dig up some photos for you later.  After all pictures are worth a thousand words. 

Athena (Nike) Bryant


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