Wonder Woman

Hello Everyone,

I am feeling a little better today–so I will try to lighten the mood of my posts.  But I still am feeling down so I thought that I would see if we could get some support for a new Wonder Woman movie–not just animated but a live action one.  I miss Wonder Woman.  And outside of the comic world–I fear that she is being forgotten.  So I am polling my now three confirmed readers–Do you want to see a Wonder Woman movie?  I would like little girls know all over the world that there is a strong female super hero.  Don’t get me wrong–I love Superman (I really do!  I have a Superman complex) but I did know Wonder Woman existed until I was 10.  So I want little girls to find out about her a lot sooner than that!  So we need to revive the Wonder Woman story!  Are you with me?

Here is the DC Comics Wonder Woman site:  http://www.dccomics.com/sites/wonderwoman/.

So let me know–I am sure we can start some fan support.  I would just love to write a Wonder Woman comics series.  I wonder how I get that job!

Rock on Athena!


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