Image Part Two

Good Morning!

For the second part of our image discussion, I would like to show you a photo that a friend showed me and completly changed my mind about the indvidual.  And as a result, I wanted to see what you thought of it.

Here is the photo taken by Eve Arnold:

Yes.  That is Marilyn Monroe reading James Joyce’s Ulysses.  So my question to all of you:  Does this photo suprise any of you?  Does it make you think differently of Miss Monroe now that you have seen it?  Don’t go into deep thought–just respond with your gut reactions.

Rock on



3 thoughts on “Image Part Two

  1. lyva79 says:

    Really surprised!But gladly!Wow very nice of her!!!What a wrong opinion I had…………

  2. Pembroke Sinclair says:

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a moment. You are all asuming that Marilyn actually read the book. How do you know it wasn’t just a prop for the photo?

    OK, I’m done. I really do like Marilyn, and I am very sure that she was more than met the eye…

  3. jack says:

    Do you actually believe she read Ulysses?


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