I miss Paris…

I owe everyone an apology.  I started this blog to have fun.   I started this blog to examine pop culture both the present and in the past.  But I am finding that is hard to find things to write about when my life consists of visiting the two libraries we have here in Laramie and watching TV.  My boss asked me if I had any plans this weekend.  And I really did not have any answer.  I have no money so I have nowhere to go.  And in my thinking this weekend I have finally figured out why.

I miss Paris.  When I was in Paris, at the tender age of 16, I made a promise to myself.  At 31, I have only achieved one promise—to get myself out of abuse.  And all of the others are slipping away.  So from now on I will try not to examine my soul on company time as it were.  But I have no idea what I am going to write about. 

So here is a video that sums up my mood.


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