The Ghost Inside–A new era in music videos

My dear readers,

I apologize for my absence.  I was house sitting last weekend and I ended up running out of time once I had finished watching the entire second season of True Blood.  You see I do not have HBO at my house and for 24 lovely hours I watched the wonderful Alexander Skarsgard with few interruptions.  I was so involved that I ate those horrible microwave dinners!  But anyway—by the time I got home I had to do my laundry and get ready for work the next day. 

So what have I been thinking about for the last two weeks?  I have been obsessed with a song—actually a music video for a song.  Now to back track for just a second—I remember when music videos used to be events.  There used to be massive sets and great stories with cool effects.  They were also great ways to see the men and women behind music.  So what were a few of my favorites?  Here are my top five:

  1.  “Take On Me” A-ha—A great song and a comic book.
  2. “Here I Go Again” Whitesnake—My first contact with hair metal and a great song!
  3. “Livin’ On A Prayer” Bon Jovi—My very first contact with Bon Jovi a lasting love affair.
  4. “Beat It” Michael Jackson—I love to dance!
  5. “Into the Groove” Madonna—Did I mention that I love to dance?

So as you have guessed I am a child of the 80’s!  And I will also admit that I am a hopeless romantic.  What I love about these videos is that there is a story to them.  They are fun.  And I also love music videos that are about real life important issues such as “We are the World.”  There was a time that has now passed when music videos were important to showcase new music.  Now MTV and VH1 only play music videos late at night or in the early morning.  The music channels have been taken over by reality shows.  This makes me very sad, but I know that change will always take place. 

A couple of weeks ago I was reading my new issue of Entertainment Weekly and I saw that Christina Hendricks was starring in a music video for a group that I had never heard of.  The name of the group was Broken Bells and the name of the song was “The Ghost Inside.”  According to the article, the video was a science fiction story!  It sound too good to be true! I was suspicious.  After all—it had been an awfully long time since I had seen a good music video.  So I waited for about a week and then I found the video on You Tube. 

I watched the video and was immediately transfixed.  It is a mini science fiction movie and a great song combined in an amazing way.  It reminded me a lot of “Thriller.”  The story was perfectly combined with an amazing song.  But what I loved about the Broken Bells video was they did not worry about the narration.  There were visual clues throughout the video—but they did not overlay the music with the narration of Vincent Price.  But I will say—Vincent was essential to “Thriller,” I was scared!  But back to Broken Bells’ video. 

The reason I love “The Ghost Inside” is that the story is complete and has a beginning, middle, and an end.  Christina Hendricks plays the role of an android fighting her way to a resort planet.  Ms. Hendricks plays the android with lots of emotions, and I could not help wondering the rest of this story. Where did the android come from?  Why this planet—why not another one?  What happens after the journey ends?  I want to know more about this character.  I want to know more about this world.  I want to be her friend—I want to see what happened next.  And I cannot forget to mention how amazing the song was!  I can only hope that Broken Bells will continue this story in another music video.  I wanted to find out what happens to this android—and I can only wish that I could tell her story.  I have re-watched the video a hundred times and I just have to know the rest of the story.  So here is my plea—please Broken Bells continue the story! 

I have decided to post the video for “The Ghost Inside” after this post.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have.  I am no longer afraid that the music video is dead.  They have gained a new life on the Internet—so who needs MTV?

Rock on,


PS—If you want me to post the videos for my top five favorites from the 80’s let me know in the comments and I will put them up here for your listening and viewing enjoyment!


Stevie Nicks Poet


         I love poetry.  I really do.  But there is only one poet who really matters to me.  That poet is Stevie Nicks.  Her music has truly changed my life.  A while back I did a review for Nelson’s After the Rain.  That album was important—as was my teen crush on Matthew Nelson.  But during that difficult time the most important thing was my purchase of Stevie Nicks’ Timespace CD.  I purchased the CD on one of those mail club programs.  This was before you could download a song from ITunes, and I purchased the CD for one song—Stand Back.  That was the only song that I cared about.  I did that a lot back then; I would purchase an entire CD for one song or request a song from the radio and listen until it came on and record the song onto a tape.         

            So once I had my new Timespace CD, I listed to Stand Back over and over again.  In fact that was the only song that I listened to for about six weeks.  Then after a horrible day at school, I went downstairs to my bedroom to escape into my dreams by listening to my Nelson record.  But instead I found that my mother had torn down every single picture of rock bands that I had on my walls.  The previous weekend, we had men from our church doing some repairs on our house.   One of the men remarked about how in some of the posters, the band members were not wearing shirts.  (This of course is the reason why they were on the wall.)  My mom waited until I was at school to rip them all down—even the ones where the men had their clothes on.  My mom had never cared about the posters before—she only cared when someone told her to.  I was of course upset and I wanted to run away from home.  But then I listened to Poison’s Fallen Angel.  I knew that if I ran away to California at 14 years old, I would end up just one more lost girl.  And I did not want that.

            The next song I listened to was Stevie’s Edge of Seventeen.   My CD had a random play feature and that was the first song chosen to play.  The energy of the song is very dramatic—and I was so upset that I lay down on the floor next to my bed.  It was then I discovered the one poster that had escaped my mother’s rampage.  I knew then I would have to endure—and live to fight another day.   I would not be able to defeat my mother—but one day I would be able to leave her house.

            That is what I love so much about music.  Music has taught me—and continues to teach me—how to survive in life.  These lessons bring me hope and peace of mind.  Music is my form of poetry.  I love how for Stevie Nicks describes writing for her fans:

            …I was going to write down the truth.  I wasn’t going to name names and I wasn’t going to be unkind.  But I was going to tell the truth…if I’m going to write and I am going to make these songs experiences that I know everyone of you have has had; that when you have that experience and when you hear that song you’ll know exactly what I was talking about.  And those are the only people who I care about.  The people that understand that…That’s the people I write for.  The people who need someone to write it down for all of us.   (Stevie Nicks MTV Interview September 1983).

            Right now I am having trouble creating—but I am still able to listen to music and understand.  So that gives my hope for the future.  That gives my hope that I will be able to create.  That is the most important thing—that one day I will be able to write again.  And one day is fine with me.  So I would encourage all of you to go out and learn something from a song today.  Even if it is just to experience an awesome guitar solo or to cry over a beautiful love song.  Go learn something today!

Here is a very cool remix of Stand Back that Jeffrey Smith put on You Tube.  I love how he interpreted this song from a man’s perspective.

Here is a backstage video of Stevie Nicks with an early version of Wild Heart.

Rock On